My collection of old danish handmade bike frames. Banani has stopped production. Schrøder is now over 100 years old and still going. In their day they were both world renowned frame builders. Today as all is basically carbon from china the need for handmade steel frames is not so high. So time is running out??

An interesting book about Schrøder bikes. Many good stories.

At some point steel frames will return as the world will turn away from hydrocarbon based products and endorse more environmentally friendly solutions (how to recycle carbon fibers). A steel frame is also more readily repairable. Today everything has to be reusable. And as everything is becoming electric weight is not a problem.

Banani homepage from 2001 to 2016

Here are some pictures of things I have made for fun. First a Columbus Spirit frame (3 tubes Spirit, the rest columbus mix, Reynolds 853 BB shell, Paragon Machine Works fork ends and mostly Cinelli braze-ons) . I learnt frame design/building at Downlands in England. Then a frame jig that I designed and made. I wanted to see if it was possible to build a jig from parts from local hardware shops. Last a bamboo frame. Wanted to see if a bamboo bike could survive a danish winter.  Self designed and built on my own jig. So after 3 winters the answer would be yes.

Some more bikes. The original American Eagle from Concorde in Nederland still has the original paint job. It even has the «made in taiwan» sticker on it. It is from 1995.

The Schrøder is a prototype titanium frame and fork from 2005. Still in perfect condition . Rides like a dream. Niels said only a couple were made before the carbon era started.

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