Using bits and pieces from a local hardware store I was able to build a simple and cheap  jig.

2080 and 2040 aluminium profiles, M6x8 bolts, Ø10 threaded rods, and right angle joiners and a bed leg.

The 2 meter 2080 was cut to : 1250mm - 310mm - 250mm + extra.

The 3 peices of 2040 were cut to : 1000mm - 500mm - 85mm - 4x250mm + extra.

A bed leg attached to the back is mounted in a bike stand so I can turn the jig upside down. 

The blueprints.

The pointy bits from e-bay. I removed the anodized colour with drain cleaner.

Now it looks like this. More difficult than I imagined to make. Has to be stif and straight. But now I have a cheap jig that works.



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