So my next project was to build a bamboo road frame. And to try out my new jig.

What is in the box. See pictures below. Worth mentioning is the right side rear end. It is poorly cut from aluminium and the dropout is not threaded. ?? I can see they have now changed the design. I prefer the design I have as it is easily modified.

And what is not in the box - front derailleur holder, gear cable holders.

One of the tubes was badly cracked. I used it anyway but it failed after 1 day - so I had to replace it. A good thing that there were extra tubes in the kit. But it did give a lot of extra work as the epoxy is very time consuming to remove. But at least I could see first hand that the tubes are well and truely joined together.

What the beer is for I don’t know.

I used my jig and design and not the kits jig and design.

The bikes specs

Frame                           Bamboo

Fork                              Aluminium/Carbon

Headset                        Condor Aluminium

Stem.                             Cinelli Vai

Bar.                                Cinelli Vai PPA

Bartape                         Cinelli Gel

Plugs.                            Cinelli Milano

Brake cables.               Campagnolo

Calipers.                       Mavic SSC /Campagnolo TT

Brake pads.                  Campagnolo Veloce

Seatpost.                      Cinelli Vai

Binder bolt.                 Campagnolo

Saddle                           Ferrari Novus

Bottom bracket.          Campagnolo UT

Chainset.                      Campagnolo Mirage UT

Pedal.                            Rock Bros.

Ergopower.                  Campagnolo Mirage

Front derailleur.         Campagnolo Mirage

Rear derailleur.          Campagnolo Mirage

Gear cables.                 Campagnolo

Tyres.                            Vittoria Rubino Pro

Tubes.                           Slime

Wheels                          Velocity Helios

Cassette.                       Campagnolo Veloce

Chain.                           SRAM PC971

Fenders                        Plume 2

Lock.                             Abus Bordo Lite 6055

Lights                           Knog Blinder Mob

Bell.                              Knog Oi

WEIGHT                      9.6 kg with lock (560g).

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